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Do you know?

TEMS is generally used in the removal of benign, non-cancerous polyps growing within the rectum – especially those which are large, flattened or otherwise difficult to remove. TEMS may also be used to remove very small rectal cancers, though they must have clearly defined borders and margins. Cancers that have spread into surrounding tissues or the lymph nodes are not eligible for TEMS .

In addition to being both safe and effective, TEMS surgery carries many benefits over conventional open abdominal surgery. Patients who undergo this procedure typically spend only a single overnight stay in the hospital as opposed to several days. They also enjoy a faster recovery and less overall pain, as well as less risk of complications like infection or bleeding.

Patients will undergo a bowel preparation the day prior to surgery and must not consume any foods or beverages after midnight the night before. After, patients typically remain in the hospital overnight and are discharged the following day with directions for minimizing discomfort during the recovery period.