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Do you know?

Anal pain and itching is usually a secondary condition brought on by a wide range of colorectal conditions. Some of the most common examples include anal fissures, hemorrhoids, abscesses, skin tags, fecal incontinence or anal fistulae. Skin conditions like psoriasis and dermatitis can also cause pain and itching, as can fungal and parasitic conditions. In some people, anal pain and itching is found to be a primary idiopathic condition, meaning there is no known cause for the condition.

Though anal pain and itching may not always be prevented, many people find success in better hygienic practices. This includes keeping the anal area free of sweat, stool and mucus at all times, all of which are known to irritate the skin around the anus. If the condition continues, see a colorectal surgeon for an exam and evaluation.

For most people with a secondary case of pruritis ani, pain and itching is the symptom of a treatable cause. Non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures are available to treat a wide range of colorectal conditions, including infections, fissures, hemorrhoids and abscesses.