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Do you know?

Patients who have anal warts here may have no other symptoms aside from the warts themselves. Anal warts initially present as very tiny growths that eventually grow to cover much or all of the anal area. Small warts typically are not painful, though they may begin to itch, bleed or cause a mucus discharge as they grow over time. Internal anal warts may feel uncomfortable and resemble the feeling of a mass in the lower rectum.

Treatment for anal warts varies according to their size and severity. Small warts may respond well to in-office cauterization or topical solutions applied from the comfort of a physician’s office. When anal warts are especially large, they may be removed by way of an outpatient surgical procedure.

Since anal warts are caused by a virus, one treatment is typically not enough to cure the condition. While the warts may be successfully removed, the HPV virus may remain within the tissues, causing additional warts to recur in the future. However, follow-up visits with your doctor will help identify new warts when they first appear and are more easily treated in a physician’s office.